Cardinal Raymond Burke Discussing Religious Freedom

Thomas McKenna, Founder and President of Catholic Action for Faith and Family, interviews Raymond Cardinal Burke about the US Government’s attack on religious liberty.

In the interview, Cardinal Burke addresses why a Catholic employer cannot, and should not be expected to, provide health care insurance that includes contraception and sterilization. He explains how this would be not only material cooperation in the sin, but also formal cooperation and for that reason there is no way to justify this implementation.

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  1. Mavis says

    I am so happy to hear Cardinal Burke speaking out so strongly on this issue. Thank you, Cardinal Burke! Please do not be discouraged! Thank you for leading your “flock” on the narrow path, the way to salvation.

  2. Rene says

    Thank you Cardinal Burke for speaking the Catholic truth and in a Catholic way. I hope the Catholic Church in America takes your words as Christ’s to heart and action.


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